Royal College Makindye

Welcome to the geography department where research is relevant to the learners, feel at home as you take a look at this spectacular landform which is identical and significant to world of geography.

The figure above is an interesting volcanic landform which is formed when molten magma erupts through the central vent and reaches the earth’s surface.

The material which erupts is the lava which later cools and solidifies forming a landform like the one above.

Africa as a continent is a home of such landforms than any other part of the world.
However, North America particularly Canada also have them.
Examples in Africa include the: Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Elgon in Uganda, Adamawa ranges in Cameroon, Fouta djalon in Nigeria and Ethiopian highlands.
Such a landform, is a blessing to a country in a way that:
It attracts tourists,
Modifies the climate of the areas around,
Contains volcanic fertile soils suitable for farming,
Sources of rivers which provide water for domestic use.

Each geography teacher is encouraged to cite local volcanic hills to make Geography One learning a lively and easy subject.

Royal College is situated on and surrounded by volcanic plateaus of Makindye hill, Lubaga hill, Mulago hill, Mbuya among others, which all have similar features like the above.