Royal College Makindye

1st term 2017 school fees/ tuition remain unchanged and are as follows:

  Day Boarders
Fees 450,000/= 700,000/=
Calendar 5,000/= 5,000/=
Sesemat(Gov’t) 5,000/= 5,000/=
Bank charge 3,000/= 3,000/=
Total 463,000/= 713,000/=
Dollars 160 250

Parents are required to pay during the holidays.

All school fees must be paid in the bank (DFCU). You may deposit the fees in any DFCU bank branch in Uganda.

No student will be allowed in school without clearing school fees.



  1. 10 rolls of toilet paper for boarders and 4 for day scholars.
  2. S.2 and S.3 will bring a computer ream while S.4 & S.6 will bring ruled papers of 500 sheets each.
  3. 4 packets of sanitary towels for girls.
  4. A jerrycan and basin/bucket for boarding students.
  5. Boys in boarding will bring a hard long brush while girls will bring sqeezers.
  6. Only one metallic box is needed per student. Leather suit cases are discouraged.
  7. Enough stationary and beddings
  8. A graph book, calculator and set for all mathematics students
  9. Each will bring a packet of toilet balls.
  10. 2 hard compound brooms for each day scholar.

Foreign students MUST report with a return ticket or at least 150,000/= for return transport to be deposited

with the school bursar.